Handin procedure

Before submitting, please run all tests one final time.

Use the make labnp command to package your lab assignment and upload it to the class's submission website, located at https://6824.scripts.mit.edu/2022/handin.py/. n is the lab number (i.e., 1, 2, 3, or 4) and p the part (e.g, A, B, or C), if the lab is in parts.

For example:

$ cd ~/6.824
$ echo XXX > api.key
$ make lab1
$ cd ~/6.824
$ echo XXX > api.key
$ make lab2b

If you submit a latter part, make sure the earlier parts still work. That is run, all tests through the part you are submitting.

You may use your MIT Certificate or request an API key via email to log in for the first time. Your API key (XXX) is displayed once you logged in, which can be used to upload lab1 from the console as follows.

Check the submission website to make sure it thinks you submitted this lab!

You may submit multiple times. We will use the timestamp of your last submission for the purpose of calculating late days. Your grade is determined by the score your solution reliably achieves when we run the tester on our test machines.